Project Description

urban partnership group logo


branding | news & programme brochures website signage banner design marketing & promotional materials annual reports

UPG is a registered charity that works very closely with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in running two large Community Centres and four government sponsored Children’s Centres.

Throughout the past 10 years we have been intrinsically involved in creating new branding and design for UPG.

Website design and build – The brief stipulated the website should be user friendly, reflect the local community and cover the broad range of services the  centres provide. It demanded a simple user interface and clearly signposted information touch-points.

Printed Publications – design of four printed brochures for the centres, three times a year. The brief was to design fun, bright, community focused publications that inform readers of the centre’s latest news and provide a programme of events and classes. The client’s preference is to use ‘real’ pictures of ‘real’ members of the community (rather than using slick library shots) reflecting the feel and diversity of the individual centres.

We also design most of UPG’s advertising and marketing materials including the group’s annual report, posters, flyers, signage and banners.

Masbro Children's Centre printed brochures front cover
Confident Parent, Happy Child printed brochures front cover
Edward Woods Community Centre printed brochures front cover
Edward Woods Banner design Graphic Design Devon
Masbro Banner design Indoor Boot sale